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Channel Backup / Restore / Clone / Repair

Embedded Player Feed Controller / & More !

The Most Powerful YouTube Software On The Planet !

Clone Copy or Restore Entire

YouTube Channels Back To YouTube !

Take Control Of Your Video Feeds So In

The Event Of A Deleted Video…

You Can Repair All Your Embedded Players

Now It’s One Click To Fix Them All !

Pure Power !

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What Is YouBackTube ?

YouBackTube Software is the worlds only YouTube Channel Backup and Video Feed Control Software. It is PHP software that you install on your hosting account. It comes with an "easy installer" and full walk-through install video. There is no monthly fees, the software installs on your hosting account. Any hosting account will do. YBT can not only backup, restore and clone entire YouTube channels, but it can also control all your embedded player feeds, so you will never have to edit embedded player code on sites again if you delete a video on YouTube ! But YouBackTube ( YBT ) Can do a lot more... that's only the beginning !

Have you accidentally deleted YouTube videos ? Or Has YouTube deleted youtube channel ? Now there is a solution !

YouBackTube Software is php software that you install on your hosting account. If you've lost your entire channel because YouTube deleted it, here's how to get back a deleted youtube channel. Make regular backups of your YouTube channels using YBT. Once you have a backup of your entire channel with your new software, all your Videos, Titles, Tags, Descriptions with Live Links, Channel Art, and Thumbnails are all safe and secure backed up in a MySQL database on your hosting account. If you want to know how to backup youtube offline videos YBT lets you download your channel videos directly to your PC or Mac, or you can run backup and it will download them from YouTube and save copies on your web hosting server, in the "videos" folder on the hosting account you install YouBackTube on. This gives you offline YouTube Videos Storage. You can even download a video from YouTube AFTER it's been "deleted" by YouTube ! ( YouTube doesn't really delete your videos, it's just disabled... and YBT can get it back for you even after your YouTube offline videos expired or deleted.

YouBackTube software will also download YouTube videos to your videos folder on your hosting account where you have YouBackTube software installed. YBT also downloads the video thumbnails and channel art to your server as well, so you have backup copies of your videos, thumbnails and channel art along with all the descriptions with live links you spent hours typing, and all the tags for each video that you spent hours adding from keyword research. Now it will all be safe and can be restored to a new YouTube channel anytime allowing you to basically clone your channel, even after it's been deleted on YouTube.

If you have lost your youtube channel then you know how frustrating it is when YouTube destroys all your hard work. There is only one way if you want to know how to restore a deleted youtube channel. By using YouBackTube Software you are not only able to backup and archive current YouTube channels through the YouTube API, but you have the power to backup all videos, tags, descriptions, titles, and thumbnails before you transfer them to your YouTube Channel. YBT is far more than youtube channel downloader software, it's not even in the same ball-park. Now all your videos are safe and can be transferred anytime to any YouTube channel with just a click. Never have to re-write your descriptions, tags or titles again !

Things To Know About YBT
  • YBT does NOT store ANY Google or YouTube Login Data
    When you click "authorize" link it takes you to Google to Login,
    then redirects you back to your domain

  • YBT can backup Single Videos on YouTube, or Entire Channels
    You can backup, copy, clone,
    and restore directory to and from YouTube

  • You can upload and download to your PC or Mac
    YBT lets you upload videos to your Hosting account for backup and transfer to YouTube,
    and you can download ones you have backed up from YouTube as well

  • YBT is software you install on YOUR hosting account
    There is no online services required to run YBT,
    you just need a hosting account to upload the software files to.